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Carry the Wind

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Velma, Velma, Velma.



Miriam is a Jamaican and English singer living in London. Her identity is brought into question after the killing of George Floyd. 

Director: Joshua Kidd

Writer: Joshua Kidd

Actors: Antonia Thomas, Chuku Modu & Olivier Huband

Link: Email to request a link


A visual poem written, shot and directed by Joshua Kidd.


In to the Woods

Velma and Vincent sit in a dry walled health care facility, each attempting to crack the mind of the other. A two-year girl has gone missing and one of them knows where she is.

Director: Joshua Kidd

Writers: Joshua Kidd & Tom Wilton

Actors: Dudley O'Shaughnessy, Law Ballard & Amelia Smith.


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documentary told through photographs exploring the beautiful life of Sophie.

Photography by: Various photographers

Edited by: Joshua Kidd

Staring: Sophie Hawkins


A British musician falls in love with a Venezuelan trafficker in New York City. When they decide to flee from the cartel, the two immigrants are threatened with their lives and choose to fight for love against chaos.

Director: Joshua Kidd

Writer: Joshua Kidd, (Original idea) Tom Wilton

Actors: Maria Mercedes Galuppo, Joshua Kidd, Freddie Connor, Astante James, Paul Emile, Ava Sofia Mattox...


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On your own time

A rhythm of the world and the way it treats the homeless, though everything is not as it seems.

Directed by: Josh Kidd

Written by: Josh Kidd & Paul Emile Starring: Josh Kidd Erin Mansur


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This film follows Jay's spiralling acceptance of his own mortality.

Directed by: Josh Kidd

Written by: Tom Wilton Actors: Josh Kidd, Paul Emile, Lara Goldie, Fiona Graham & Yanis Carreto


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