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Joshua Kidd is a Painter, a Filmmaker and a Writer. He was born in South East London and is of Jamaican decent. Kidd has been drawing and writing ever since he could pick up a pen, but it wasn’t until he moved to NYC to study acting that he really started his journey as an Artist. Through studying Acting, he was able to delve deep into the psychology of humans. Throughout this period Kidd describes that he would sit in cafes around New York City drawing pictures of the different expressions that people wore on their faces. This is where his abstract expression pieces originated from.

Joshua spent a few years as an actor and gained some impressive credits, he then hung up the gloves in 2018 after acting and directing in his first feature film NECTAR. Kidd explained that acting and directing is too limiting, he always preferred working behind the camera so that is now where he puts his focus, this also allowed him to give more time and importance to his work as a painter.

Joshua’s journey as a painter really started to take off in 2018, he exhibited his work in a memorial show for Grenfell towers third year anniversary. He then began selling his work on Broadway market in London. He now shows his work in galleries on a consistent basis. The freedom of being a freelance Artist has encouraged Joshua to plug back into his roots which motivated him to move back home to Jamaica where he now resides. 



National Gallery of Jamaica - The Face of Us Exhibition

Joshua Exhibited SEEKING JAH at the National gallery of Jamaica for THE FACE OF US exhibition. The show opened on December 10th and will be up until March 31st 2024.


Home to Harlem Photography Exhibition


In October 2023 Joshua exhibited a number of his photographs at Home to Harlem gallery in NYC, a live Jazz band performed at the opening.


Black History Month Exhibition

Commissioned by Macquarie (Global investment service). Joshua exhibited these two pieces "Noah" & "BHM Expressions" for Black History Month in London October 2022.

L'Espace de Reve, NYC.

L'Espace de Reve is a gallery in NYC. In August 2022 Joshua exhibited his latest piece called THE APPLE.

Grenfell Tower Exhibition

The Grenfell Tower exhibition was a show put together to raise funds for the victims. Artists from working class backgrounds were selected to express their feelings towards the tragedy. Joshua exhibited two pieces "Oasis of Tears" & "Politics".

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